Solutions to keep you on the move

With each passing year, Wood Buffalo’s roads and highways get busier as new residents and businesses move to the region.  While congestion at peak travel times remains a normal part of the daily commute, solutions to keep people moving are well underway.  Below, you'll find information and details on some of the top transportation projects taking place right now in Wood Buffalo.


New Athabasca Bridge (left)For residents and visitors alike, crossing the Athabasca River is a daily occurrence on the commute to work or while driving around Fort McMurray.  To keep traffic flowing, the Government of Alberta recently opened a new five-lane bridge to the north of the original Grant McEwan and Ralph Steinhauer bridges, both of which are undergoing refurbishments and upgrades.  Once construction is completed, a total of 10 lanes of traffic will be available to commuters crossing the river.

Lanes and Overpasses

Within Fort McMurray’s Urban Service Area, the Government of Alberta is upgrading the existing lane capacity to Highway 63 with additional lanes and by-pass routes to move residents and visitors from one end of the community to the other.  At the widest point in the highway, a total of six new lanes will be added to create a total of 10 lanes.  In addition to new lanes, overpass interchanges have been added at the bottom of Thickwood Boulevard and Confederation Way, with a third interchange being planned at the connect between Parson’s Creek and Highway 63.


Public Transit

Improvements to the Municipality’s public transit system include a range of additions to improve scheduling, reliability and wait times.  New high efficient buses featuring WHOOSH branding have been added to a growing fleet of 53 buses while the addition of heated shelters makes waiting for the bus during the winter months more comfortable and convenient.  To encourage ridership through faster commute times, bus only lanes have been added to high volume traffic arteries during peak travel hours.

Air Travel

Fort McMurray is home to people from all over Canada and the world. For those who commute to Fort McMurray on a regular basis, or who are looking to go on a sunny vacation, the Fort McMurray Airport is a popular and convenient way to travel. The Fort McMurray Airport Authority is currently overseeing a $198 million expansion to its facilities, which will allow the airport to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population. The project is expected to be completed in April 2014, at which time the airport will offer direct international flights to many popular destinations.