Solutions that create options

The limited availability of housing in Fort McMurray is well documented, and while it’s true that housing prices are higher than other parts of Canada, Wood Buffalo is committed to boosting the supply of housing for its residents.

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan is a long-term strategic plan for managing growth over the next 20 years in our region. Based on population projections, we are expected to more than double to 230,000 residents by 2030.

The MDP sets the vision on how to accommodate this growth responsibly and serves as an important decision making tool.  The plan focuses on building complete communities, meaning neighborhoods that have adequate infrastructure to promote accessibility between residential, commercial and recreational areas. The plan also encourages a diverse range of options, including the supply of affordable housing.

  • To read the MDP, visit the Municipal website


Affordable Housing

The Wood Buffalo Housing and Development Corporation (WBHDC) was formed in response to the high cost of housing. Today, the organization has created 1191 rental units to meet the needs of families, seniors and rural residents. Two hundred, sixty-nine families have realized the dream of owning their own house through the Affordable Home Ownership program. Since 2001, the organization has provided over 5000 families with affordable housing options.

  • To learn more, visit the WBHDC website


Planned Communities

The community of Eagle Ridge in Timberlea is a great example of a partnership between the municipality, the province, and developers to create affordable housing for everyone. The neighbourhood, which recently won a prestigious award for industry advancement, features plenty of green spaces, wide streets, and beautiful homes.  The nearby Parson’s Creek development is a community in the making. When finished, the neighbourhood will accommodate nearly 24,000 residents. Profits from the sale of the provincial land are being reinvested into schools, health centres, recreation and other community assets.