City Centre

Solutions for a great downtown

“We will build City Centre on the foundations of our cultural heritage and natural beauty as a model of an intelligent, sustainable and a vital 21st century community – an active, vibrant and quality urban place that provides opportunities for all the people in our community to work, live, learn, and play” - City Centre Vision Statement

Fort McMurray’s most ambitious project yet is the planned transformation of its City Centre into an urban oasis of economic investment, residential convenience and sustainable development. Guiding this vision is the City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan (CC-ARP). Below is just a sample of how the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo plans to revitalize Fort McMurray’s City Centre over the next twenty years:


The CC-ARP addresses the city centre’s need for economic and environmental sustainability. Through the intense redevelopment of the downtown core, the plan will focus on walkability and public transportation as a means of getting around, as well as higher density neighbourhoods where amenities and resources are all close to home. Further, the plan calls for green building strategies and architecture, all geared toward reducing the city centre’s carbon footprint.

The development of retail and commercial space will increase economic development in the City Centre, which will diversify the economic opportunities in the region and contribute to a higher quality of life in the City Centre neighbourhoods. Public art, improved park space and the continued development of cultural and recreational facilities will make City Centre neighbourhoods truly complete communities.


Getting to and from the City Centre will become more convenient with improvements to roadways and the public transit system. Traffic congestion will be alleviated as well, which is a top concern for people commuting or living outside the city centre. Travelling around the City Centre and the rest of Fort McMurray will become safer and more convenient for residents with mobility, physical or cognitive impairments as the CC-ARP will focus on accessibility for all. 

Businesses and residents within the City Centre will benefit from improved communications capabilities such as Shared Information Technology. A dense communications network will be built into new and renovated buildings. The CC-ARP will focus on continuous conversation with stakeholders, as two-way communication and information sharing is key to creating a City Centre that meets the needs of every resident.

The changes outlined in the CCARP will take place over several years, but the end result will be a beautiful city centre that any resident or business would be proud to call home. Imagine a dense and stylish community where popular amenities are just steps from your front door, and the latest in technological advancements make living, working and playing in Fort McMurray even better.