Big Solutions

Moving new ideas forward

Wood Buffalo's diverse population consists of individuals and families who move to our region from across Canada and around the world, all seeking the unique opportunities that Wood Buffalo has to offer.  However, these unique opportunities also include some unique challenges. 

To grow and expand, our local industry needs access to a reliable and skilled workforce.  But you can’t invite thousands of people to move to Wood Buffalo every year without building the homes, roads, schools, healthcare and amenities of life which everyone needs.  Every decision made in Wood Buffalo must therefore include consultation and resourceful planning.

Starting in 2007, efforts aimed at addressing many of the region’s most pressing concerns started to take shape.  Well known challenges involving land, housing, transportation and recreation began being explored with a renewed emphasis on working together.  The outcome was a series of decisions and agreements that identified fresh solutions and new ways of doing business.  Today, many of these solutions are now in place and achieving results.

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