Profile: Christine Daly - Environmentalist Attains Excellence

By Kiran Malik-Khan - Friday, August 31 2012


Christine Daly’s love for the natural environment stems from growing up next door to her grandpa’s farm – sitting with him on the tractor, watching intently as he sowed the seeds diligently and then pointed out the sprouting seedlings. It fascinated her.

“My family instilled a respect for the land in me,” shares Christine, 32, who grew up near Tecumseh, Ont. She took the legacy to a whole new level by pursuing environmental sciences as an undergraduate at the University of Windsor, which also issued her master’s degree in 2007 in biological sciences.

Leading the North: Let's Get it Right

By Myra Ross - Tuesday, June 5 2012

Peter Mansbridge, the iconic wise man of Canada’s broadcast media and the anchor of CBC TV’s ‘The National’, spoke the final words on the Leading the North conference in Fort McMurray. In an interview following his presentation on ‘Canada and Canadians in a Changing World’, Mansbridge said: “In the big picture, what does it (the conference) mean to me (and) what does it say to me about this part of the country? “ (It says to me) You desperately want to get it right and you know that to get it right you’ve got to explore the issues. You’ve got to hear all sides.

The Oilsands City goes Global: The impact of this development will be world-class

By Carol Christian - Sunday, June 3 2012

The new Fort McMurray Airport is on course to open in April 2014, if not sooner, with International Airport status and Customs. In 2011, nearly 764,000 passengers moved through a terminal designed for 250,000 and, by adopting the ‘medium’ projected growth for the region, by 2030, it will move 1.2 million passengers to and from Fort McMurray and destinations around the world. Today, there are 920 major projects valued at $209 billion in Alberta.

Profile: Jacquie McFarlane - Art that brings the inside out

By Myra Ross - Friday, May 25 2012

When the neon of the Calgary Stampede Ferris wheel transforms the sky into a colour kaleidoscope, when the deep blue sea waters of the Newfoundland coast churn sea foam with sand and when the landing lights on an airport tarmac are playing a visual melody, Jacquie McFarlane creates art with her camera. The namesake of J.M. Photography & Design of Fort McMurray and a talented artist, Jacquie’s digital design canvases were featured in the ‘Sharp Ephemeral Cloud’ exhibit at the MacDonald Island Art Gallery in April 2012

An act to remember: The Oil Sands City delivers North American talent to Scotland

By Paula Ogonoski - Friday, May 25 2012

If ‘all the world’s a stage,’ ten local drama students have officially become the players. The award-winning Westwood Public High School drama program will be representing North America overseas on the international stage at Scotland’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August as part of the American High School Theatre Festival (AHSTF). Braden Price, a Grade 12 drama student, and a veteran of the Westwood stage, explains that excitement within the group is palpable and nerves are making their cameo appearance.

Profile: Nathaniel Crossley - Home-grown humanitarianism

By Myra Ross - Friday, May 25 2012

That Saturday, 10-year-old Nathaniel Crossley’s fundraising total had reached $5,610. And he still had 30 days to reach his goal of $6,000 for the African Well Foundation Fund, an Africare project designed to improve access to clean water to students in Malawi and Tanzania. But by April 30th, his total reached $9,000. Since each water well costs about $2,000 per school, Nathaniel’s endeavour can improve students’ lives at four schools, quite an achievement for the Grade 5 student at Fort McMurray’s Sister Mary Philips School.

Honour Guard: Fort McMurray Firefighters’ Campaign Commemorates Fallen Comrades

By Nolan Haukeness - Friday, May 25 2012

They are there to try to protect us, our homes and our memories. They often see us at our most vulnerable moments, when absolutely everything we know has been taken from us. They are there to help pick up the pieces. But now, it is our local firefighters who face a challenge and it is the community they serve that can help. The Honour Guard of the Fort McMurray Fire Department is undertaking a campaign to commemorate those who have fallen in the line of duty with a bronze memorial statue. It will be a focal point at the new Fire Hall No. 5 in Gregoire, recognizing the sacrifices of the past.