How far to Janvier?

It’s out in the sticks.

Janvier is one of 10 rural communities that comprise the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and with the swirling and building excitement about the City Centre McMurray development, the headlines and the conversations most often zero in on Fort McMurray, its amazing pace and its upcoming transformation into a world class urban centre.

The hamlet of Janvier is located in the southern region of the municipality, about 120 kilometres south of Fort McMurray.  It can be accessed from Highway 881 as well as a small airstrip near the heart of the community.

Partners in Growth

As an urban oasis, Helen Pacholko Park offers a peaceful sanctuary for residents from every neighbourhood in McMurray.

Tall trees provide shade.  Flower, berry and memorial gardens are resplendent with colours, scents and designs.  The wide open spaces in the centre of the block-sized park are for kids with kites or moms gathering for some Yoga in the fresh air.  It’s a crowning glory of volunteerism and the aesthetic rewards of gardening.

The Athabasca Chipewyan/Dene First Nation

By Myra Ross,
Saturday, June 30 2012

Friends often let you know you are wrong in the kindest, gentlest of ways.


One of mine has informed me that incorrect language was used in a profile published on Garry Flett, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) business group.


My friend’s alert reads: 


Hello, Myra....just a short note to let you know about a discrepancy in your article.