The search for The Song

We’ve all heard a jingle or theme song at one point and thought, "I could have done a better job at that".

Now at hand is your chance to prove it!

The Western Canada Summer Games Host Committee is searching for a theme song to celebrate the Games being held in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, August 7-16, 2015.

The song is meant to generate excitement in anticipation of the Games and serve as the theme song throughout the ten sports-packed, magical days in August when over 2,500 athletes convene in our region for competition and festivities.

Trio get iced for United Way Campaign

by Myra Ross,
Friday, October 3 2014

For the good of the Fort McMurray United Way Campaign, Guy Jette, Manager of the Fort McMurray Water Treatment Plant (WTP), challenged executive members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Local 1505, to join in on a fundraiser and 'get soaked.'

Jette told the WTP employees that if they raised $2,000 for the campaign between September 1 and October 1, they would have the pleasure of watching him ‘receive’ a bucket of very cold ice water.

But he didn’t have to endure the experience alone. 

Time for Extreme Caution

Myra Ross,
Wednesday, July 16 2014

Alberta Sustainable Resource Development yesterday advised that the Wildfire Hazard Level for the region has been moved up to High hazard from Medium hazard.

So if you plan to go out to the woods this week or this weekend, remember that it’s tinder dry out there.

With the High hazard advisory, it means that:

Only you can...

Myra Ross,
Monday, July 14 2014

Smokey the Bear is famous for the phrase, "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires". 

So it’s very important as Wood Buffalo moves into a drying trend – 30 degrees Celsius on July 14, for example – that residents and visitors to our region do their part to keep human-caused wildfires to a minimum

It’s the summertime, so naturally we all head out to be on the trails and at the water’s edge, whether on foot or motorcycle or bicycle or camper unit or ATV/OHV. 

They are heroes

Myra Ross,
Wednesday, July 9 2014

A team of seven employees at the Fort McMurray Water Treatment Plant (WTP) who helped save the life of a co-worker in May have received certificates of appreciation from members of Council.

The certificates, presented to Brenda Carew, labourer; Lorraine White, administrative assistant; Michele George, summer student; Melanie McMaster, administrative assistant; Peter Haitas, light duty mechanic; Les Collins, plumber/gasfitter, and Guy Jette, manager, WTP, read that “…Council and the citizens of the Regional Municipality are honoured to recognize you for your effort and dedication in saving the life of a co-worker.”

The Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo (MAWB) welcomes the community’s participation in its events, programs and communication platforms such as Confluence, The World Meets in Wood Buffalo, Alberta Culture Days, and Multicultural EXPO.

Instituted in 1985 to support cultural groups and newcomers through programs and events and to foster cross-cultural awareness and understanding, the MAWB has seen heydays and slump times over the past 29 years.

Our Home and Native Land

Myra Ross,
Tuesday, June 17 2014

If you are Canadian by birth, I highly recommend that you put your attendance at a Citizenship ceremony high on your bucket list.

It’s not as death-defying as sky diving or as other-worldly as scuba diving, but watching 46 new Canadians receive their citizenship certificates on June 13th at the Oil Sands Discovery Centre was for me an intense emotional reminder of how great is “our home and native land.”

Changing from a Company Town to a World-Class City

Myra Ross,
Friday, September 21 2012

He flew in, stayed for 48 hours, or a few hours less, and flew out.  But he saw all that he needed to see.

Gord Hume, Canada’s cultural ‘guru’, the author of many books on municipal governance and community and culture building, asked a Fort McMurray taxi driver to take him downtown.  The driver dropped him off on Franklin Avenue.

“There is no downtown Fort McMurray,” Hume shared with the 80-plus participants of the Vibrant Culture Summit, held at MacDonald Island Park on Sept. 20th. 

Where the Buffalo Roam

Jon Proce,
Friday, September 21 2012

Where the Buffalo Roam: Jasper, the Rockies and the Athabasca Glacier


We (I and a fellow co-op student from Suncor) left Thursday evening for a weekend trip to Jasper. We decided it would be most appropriate to bring the Wood Buffalo along for the journey.