Profile: Jacquie McFarlane - Art that brings the inside out

By Myra Ross - Friday, May 25 2012

When the neon of the Calgary Stampede Ferris wheel transforms the sky into a colour kaleidoscope, when the deep blue sea waters of the Newfoundland coast churn sea foam with sand and when the landing lights on an airport tarmac are playing a visual melody, Jacquie McFarlane creates art with her camera. The namesake of J.M. Photography & Design of Fort McMurray and a talented artist, Jacquie’s digital design canvases were featured in the ‘Sharp Ephemeral Cloud’ exhibit at the MacDonald Island Art Gallery in April 2012

While her business day timer is filled with portraiture and corporate assignments, when Jacquie puts her eye to the lens while travelling – and occasionally at serendipitous moments when she’s on assignment in Fort McMurray – she lets her design and artistic instincts determine the digital settings of her Nikon D700 digital paint brush – and its dramatic outcomes. “It’s my creative outlet,” Jacquie explains about her photographic canvases during a walking tour of the exhibit in April. “I come from a very creative family. My grandfather was a poet and my aunt can pick up any musical instrument and play it.”

She calls her creative outputs ‘abstract photography’ or ‘digital photography’. Most of the exhibit canvases show colourful designs “pretty well how they came out of the camera”, but in one series she portrays nature transformed creatively through digital photography. Fort McMurray has been home to Jacquie for most of her 33 years, having moved from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan in 1980. She graduated locally from Fort McMurray Composite High School in 1996, completed the Journalism Program at Mount Royal College and subsequently enrolled in Keyano College’s Visual Performing Arts Program.

Jacquie joined together with her former classmate and fellow artist, Megan Green, for the April exhibit at the Community Art Gallery on MacDonald Island. “It’s great to be able to do a show together,” says Jacquie, and for anyone who saw the exhibit, their collection of 40 canvases and presentations were complimentary if not collaborative in nature.

Watch for their upcoming shows!


Jacquie! I love your new site- You always have the most iroipnatisnal art in your home. Fabulous, interesting and thought provoking! I know that I will come away feeling inspired to create, so thank you! Congratulations on this new venture everyone who comes and sees the art you show is blessed!Peace Jahna

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