Profile: Destiny Noble - Destined for Distinction

By Kiran Malik-Khan - Friday, August 31 2012


When she was born, her parents knew she was destined for something special, so they named her Destiny. Today, 18 years later, their daughter continues to make them proud.

A senior at Westwood Community High School and born and raised in Fort McMurray, Destiny has been getting straight A’s since Kindergarten. During the last three years of high school, she has ranked first and second out of 209 students. She juggles a busy volunteer schedule and she hosts numerous charitable events each year for her school and community.

Destiny exemplifies that age can’t hinder a goal-oriented individual. She is in the running for school valedictorian. She speaks French fluently. She plays the piano. And she has received the Mother Teresa Award for volunteering during Blyth International ‘Summers in Hawaii,’ a school travel program that combines foreign studies with volunteer work.

“I chose Hawaii to be closer to home. Plus, the plant and marine life there fascinate me,” says Destiny, who is a future doctor with her eye on specializing in either pediatrics, cardiothoracics, or neurology. She has already been accepted at McGill and the University of Alberta; she is leaning toward the former, and is looking forward to beginning her post-secondary journey.

President of the student council, Destiny not only volunteers for Santas Anonymous, but she used to be a competitive swimmer for the Manta Swim Club and volunteered for the local food bank as well.

Is there anything this young lady can’t do? And where does she get the time? “It’s not about how much time you have,” she chuckles. “It’s about what you have the passion for; I am passionate about all these things.”

Her inspiration for being so goal-oriented? Her mother – Crystal Danson, who was a single mom to her only child for the longest time. “She worked full-time and still spent a lot of time with me,” Destiny explains. “This goes back to being passionate despite time [constraints]. My first volunteering experience was with her; she shaped who I am and I am very grateful to her.”

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