Profile: Aditya Nookala - Making Fort McMurray a Family Home

By Adam Hardiman - Thursday, January 31 2013

A 29-year-old Contact Engineer for Suncor Energy, Aditya Nookala and his connection to the community he now calls home runs deep.

“Fort McMurray and Suncor have offered me the opportunity of a lifetime,” says Aditya. “Not only do I get to further my career in chemical engineering, but I get to live in a community that is the perfect blend of urban and rural with people from all across Canada – and the world.”

In many ways, Aditya embodies the personal and professional tapestry of Fort McMurray today and the one of the future.

Born in India, he moved with his family to Vancouver at the age of 14. Following completion of a BASc in Chemical Engineering from the University of British Columbia in 2005, Aditya was offered a position with Suncor in Calgary. In 2006, he made the move to Fort McMurray and hasn’t looked back.

“The people are what is special about Suncor,” says Aditya. “Yes, it’s a world-class company doing important work. But what sets them apart is a collection of co-workers and a leadership team that offers support and a positive approach to challenges.”

Suncor has offered Aditya the opportunity to contribute at the centre of 
the action.

At press time, Aditya was Contact Engineer at an ore preparation plant, but was gearing up to move over into a froth treatment plant. This is an exciting change for him, but it pales in comparison to other things in his immediate future.

Aditya married his wife Jyothi in 2011 and the couple is currently in the process of bringing her to Fort McMurray from India to raise a family. Aditya’s parents have already made the move from Vancouver and Aditya looks forward to the day when they’ll all be together.

“There is no better place to raise a family than Fort McMurray. This is my home now and I’m proud of that.”

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